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Summer Style

Summer is a season filled with vibrant fashion and endless style possibilities. Among my favourite summer styles, there are a few key pieces that I can't get enough of. First and foremost, a lightweight cardigan is a must-have for those cooler nights when the temperature dips. Not only does it keep me warm, but it also adds a touch of effortless elegance to any outfit. The Classic Briton Cardigan by Blondie Apparel is the perfect cardigan for those nights.

Another beloved summer staple is a dress that flatters all body types. I adore a dress with a flattering silhouette in a stunning coral colour that genuinely pops against sun-kissed skin. It's a piece that exudes confidence and makes me feel calm and in style. The dress I recommend for this is the Kenzie Dress by EMK Everyday.

When the heat becomes intense, locally-made hair accessories come to the rescue. These stylish and functional accessories keep my hair off my neck, providing relief during those long, hot days. Plus, supporting local artisans adds an extra layer of meaning to my summer wardrobe. Choose any from our favourite accessories brand, Barbays.

Every outfit needs accessories, and clay earrings have stolen my heart this season. They effortlessly add flair to any ensemble and make a bold statement. The intricate designs and vibrant colours elevate the simplest outfits, turning heads wherever I go. And my favourite pair is the Pastel Floral Dangle earrings from B. Inspired Designs.

Blouses that perfectly complement my professional style are essential for my work wardrobe. They balance sophistication and comfort, making me feel confident and put-together during those busy workdays. You can't beat the collection from Gentle Fawn this season.

Of course, comfort plays a crucial role in my summer fashion choices, and that's where yoga jeans come in. Their stretchy and breathable fabric makes them the ultimate go-to for style and comfort. Whether exploring the city or lounging on a patio, yoga jeans keep me relaxed and stylish throughout the day.

In conclusion, my favourite summer styles encompass a versatile cardigan for cooler evenings, a flattering coral dress, locally made hair accessories, eye-catching clay earrings, professional blouses, and the comfort of yoga jeans. These pieces keep me stylish and confident and embrace the spirit of summer with their vibrant colours, functional designs, and pride in supporting local and sustainable fashion.