Barbays, a scrunchie business, emerged less than two years ago after the founder was shown a disappointing store-bought scrunchie with subpar fabric and elastic that quickly lost its elasticity. With the help of her mother, fondly referred to as Barbay, they embarked on a mission to create a superior, high-quality scrunchie that anyone would be proud to wear. The response from friends and family was overwhelmingly positive, sparking the birth of their business. With the support of their loved ones, Barbays now has a dedicated and growing team committed to producing scrunchies of the highest quality. All their scrunchies are meticulously made locally, aiming to offer customers a fashion-forward investment piece that sets them apart and boosts their confidence for the day ahead. Constantly seeking innovation and product development, Barbays strives to be at the forefront of new ideas and styles, never settling for the easy route. Their passion lies in discovering new fabrics, and experimenting with fresh looks, all while staying true to providing a reliable and cherished hair accessory that becomes your favourite go-to staple.