Blondie Apparel

Each design created by the brand is a heartfelt endeavour, addressing a personal need within their own wardrobes. Drawing inspiration from various sources, they craft designs that effortlessly become beloved and timeless staples. Meticulous attention is given to perfecting the patterns in-house, meticulously scrutinizing every detail to ensure impeccable fit, comfort, and durability. These seasonless cornerstone pieces are designed to withstand the test of time, becoming the go-to choice for any occasion. A strong commitment to keeping production local is paramount to the brand. Fabrics are carefully milled just outside of Toronto, allowing for close involvement in ensuring the highest quality. All garments are proudly crafted in a small, women-owned factory located on the outskirts of Toronto. Close collaboration with production partners ensures that the utmost quality is delivered to the hands of their customers. The brand also prioritizes high ethical standards in treating employees, maintaining regular communication to ensure their shared values and interests align perfectly.

On Sale Bamboo Hillside Sweater - doree's habit Blondie Hillside Sweater - Grace + Sparrow
Blondie Apparel

Blondie Hillside Sweater

$110.00 From $57.75
On Sale Blondie Janis Tee - Grace + Sparrow Blondie Janis Tee
Blondie Apparel

Blondie Janis Tee

$67.00 From $35.17
On Sale Blondie Classic Briton Cardigan Blondie Classic Briton Cardigan
Blondie Apparel

Blondie Classic Briton Cardigan

$135.00 $101.25
On Sale Blondie Classic Dusk Sweater Blondie Classic Dusk Sweater
Blondie Apparel

Blondie Classic Dusk Sweater

$130.00 From $68.25