Cathy, the founder of tangente, discovered her passion for fashion and sewing after working as a Respiratory Therapist later in life. Frustrated by the lack of t-shirts that fit her torso properly, she embarked on a journey to learn about clothing construction and enrolled in sewing classes. Balancing her day job with her growing interest in fashion, Cathy started selling her handmade clothing on Etsy while working for the Government of Canada. However, her ultimate goal was to dedicate herself fully to her label. Ten years ago, Cathy made her dream a reality by quitting her day job and focusing on tangente full-time. The name "tangente" aptly reflects Cathy's penchant for taking tangents in her creative journey. With her team, she designs and produces two seasonal collections each year, featuring a range of dresses, tunics, and tops.
Cathy's vision for tangente is to create stylish and comfortable clothing for everyday wear. Living in Ottawa, she actively engages with customers at markets and craft shows, gaining valuable insights by seeing her designs on diverse body types. These interactions inspire her to continuously refine her patterns, making them more accessible to everyone.

On Sale Elly Pant - Grace + Sparrow Elly Pant - Grace + Sparrow

Tangente Elly Pant

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